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One day, students won’t need to suffer through unnecessary tests or examinations. One day, they won’t need to complete mountains of coursework just so they can progress to the next grade. One day, education will actually focus on what it should be focusing on – education – instead of ‘teaching to the test.’ Unfortunately, that day is not yet here, and students are still stuck suffering under a broken academic regime. With little focus on individual student needs and a large focus on improving test scores, more and more students are ‘falling through the cracks’ in the school system. These students, nine times out of ten are destined not to go to college, not to hold steady jobs and not to succeed as well as they want in life. Where the education system fails, can anyone pick up the slack? Can anyone help students get through tough academic times?p>

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When students feel overwhelmed, they are less likely to do their work; it’s just too much, and the work is too challenging. They quickly develop a ‘why bother?’ mentality that persists throughout their educational experience. If we can limit the amount of work forced down their throats, we can better improve their attitude towards education as a whole. Offering essays for sale isn’t an escape route for students trying to avoid any and all schoolwork. It’s a relief effort, designed to take away some of the pains and pressures of an unrealistic school system.

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