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Academic writing can be a tough process to master at times, sometimes even getting the basics can prove to be a lot harder than it seems - knowing where to start can mean the whole process can become a daunting task. Even once you have got over the first hurdle, it can easily feel like you have a long way still to go. With such a time consuming and difficult task facing many students, there is often a desire to try and find an easier way of going about writing an essay.

Trying to find a simpler solution when it comes to writing essays can be a great idea, however, it is important to do this properly. It can seem tempting to scour the internet in search of free essays to help get the job done quicker and with as little work as possible. Now, whilst it is possible that this method for a more stress-free writing experience can sometimes appear to be the best way of going about it, unfortunately, most of the time it actually works out being unsuccessful and even a waste of valuable time.

Our free samples for students to inspire - how to write a good essay. We've provided it for you. Please do not use provided examples as your own work. Read it, inspire and write your own. Our free essays are posted here to help you do your essay. We do not recommend you to turn it as your own.

The problem with using a free essay is that it is very unlikely that you will ever find one that will perfectly match your requirements. As the saying goes, if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is, and this is exactly the case when it comes to free essays. In fact, not only can a free essay be unfit for purpose, therefore, preventing you from achieving a good mark, they can also prove to be an easy way of getting caught out. Not only can your lack of influence over the style of the essay be a dead giveaway, but the risk of being exposed to plagiarism is incredibly high too.

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