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The Simple Global Climate Change Essay Formula

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The Causes And Effects Of Global Climate Change

Nowadays, the climate is changing very rapidly in most parts of the world. The sad truth is that these changes most often have negative consequences for the environment, as well as for the human population. Melting glaciers are predicted to cause the sea levels to rise up to 23 inches by the year 2100 (data from an International Panel on Climate Change study from 2007). It does not seem like much, but this rise of sea levels will flood many small islands and even parts of some countries. The consequences of climatic changes are very serious and I am interested in finding our why they take place and how we can stop – or at least delay – them.

So, what causes global climate changes? Natural phenomena such as erupting volcanoes, solar variations and orbital changes of planet Earth are one of the causes. However, these things have been happening since before humankind walked this Earth. Global changes were never as bad as they are now. Therefore, we must conclude that the human activities are the main culprit and should be blamed for these severe changes.

The use of fossil fuel is releasing huge quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere daily. As you may already know, carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas – it absorbs infrared radiation and traps heat. As long as CO2 levels are rising, the weather is getting warmer year after year. This, in turn, causes a host of unpleasant effects: melting of glaciers, increased ocean temperature stratification, changes in agricultural productivity, extreme weather conditions, etc.

How can we stop global warming or at least slow it down? With the help of our governments, there is hope. The first thing we can do is reduce deforestation and encourage people and businesses to plant trees instead of cutting them down. Teachers can educate children on the negative effects of climate change and teach them how to protect the Earth. Last, but not least, governments should invest heavily into green technologies for producing energy (wind, solar, etc.).

In conclusion, we see the adverse effects of global climate change everywhere around us. Through careful planning, new laws and new technologies, we can put a stop to global warming. Consequently, we can protect the environment, our health and our future generations. By keeping mother Earth healthy, we are keeping the human race healthy.