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Example of an Essay on the American Dream for Modern Students

Out of many types of American Dream essays, a descriptive paper might be the most enjoyable to write because it allows the author a lot of artistic freedom. To create an outstanding paper one must always start with brainstorming and taking notes of all ideas so that you don’t forget anything. When you are working on this type of project, you should keep your text concise and relevant to the topic. It would be best to expand your vocabulary so that you can use vivid language without making the sentences too long. You can also describe your personal emotional response to the topic in order to connect with the readers. If you want the American Dream essay you create to be memorable, you can draw inspiration from samples available online.

What Is The American Dream? Essay Sample

There is no clear definition of the term ‘American Dream’, so everyone has the freedom to make it correspond his or her own goals. Students are the group of people whose worldview evolves constantly because of their exposure to an influx of information. Therefore, their idea of the ‘American Dream’ is not restricted by stereotypes, which often plague the older generation already set in their ways. An average student in the 21st century strives to become successful in professional, social, and personal life. As each person has his or her own understanding of what constitutes success it is the freedom that takes the spotlight in defining the American Dream. The concept of the ‘American Dream’ has existed for decades and it is equally important to immigrants and natives. This Dream is an idea, which is not limited by the nation, age, or social status. The ultimate essence of the American Dream is the freedom to defy all of those labels and realize one’s true potential in spite of any limitations. An average student today dreams to become successful in their life, which encompasses work, family, and social realization of oneself. Despite the differences of their individual perceptions of ‘success’ all these people strive for maximum personal realization. Therefore, the American Dream for them is the achievement of their personal dreams and goals.

When looking at the matter in this light, one can see that ‘American’ in this concept is not a tie to the actual geographic location. It is instead a substitute for the ‘Land of Opportunity’, which is a popular name of the US among other nations. Again, the focus lies on the idea of freedom and chance to become what one truly wishes to be and make their living off it.

For a person coming to the US from abroad the perception of American Dream is distorted by the comparison of their lifestyle before and after coming to this country. They put much more value in the concept of freedom as the places where they come from often provide only limited amounts of it. The native population of the US, on the other hand, tends to underestimate its value as people are used to freedom being a constant part of their lives. In this, the perception of the American Dream differs greatly for native and international students.

The elusive American Dream is a chameleon, which shows a unique face to every person. Like this reptile, its coloring depends on its surroundings, which in this case are the factors that define a student’s personal goals. However, no matter the differences in the immediate looks, the chameleon remains always remains the same. The American Dream is the same, which means it is the freedom and opportunity to achieve those goals and become a person one strives to be professional, socially, and personally.