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Essay On Immigration Issues In The United States

Being assigned the task of writing an essay about immigration in the United States means being given a very sensitive topic to cover. It is controversial and there are many immigration essay topics you can choose from. Below is a sample of an immigration essay that talks about the immigration issues that face the United States.

Immigration Issues In The United States

Immigration has been a hot topic in the United States for many years as illegal immigrants continue to make their way across the borders. Many do this in search of the “American Dream.” The issue isn’t so much with the immigrants that go through the entire immigration process, but with those that are being awarded government benefits and jobs without being properly documented. Many citizens argue that harsher punishments and better oversight are needed, while others counter with the fact that the United States is a melting pot of different cultures and has been since it was founded.

The major issue lies in how many illegal immigrants are entering the country and why they can do so easily. Immigrants that have gone through the entire immigration process to become citizens have said that they feel it is unfair that they went through the proper channels, but illegal immigrants didn’t and they are given welfare benefits and jobs. U.S. citizens state that illegal immigrants are taking jobs because they will work for lower wages.

With the number of issues facing the United States, greater oversight is needed to get the country back on track. In a country that is already failing in crucial areas, it is difficult to help others when we are unable to help ourselves. Immigrants shouldn’t be completely cut off, but they should be forced to go through the proper processes toward becoming naturalized citizens. Many have done so and been afforded the same rights and privileges as natural born citizens.

Perhaps if companies stopped employing illegal immigrants, they would stop coming over the borders in search of jobs. If the U.S. government stopped providing welfare benefits to illegal immigrants, immigrants would be more likely to work toward becoming citizens so that they can partake in everything that a citizen is entitled to.

In conclusion, the United States is a generous country whose generosity is being taken advantage of. Getting control over immigration isn’t shunning immigrants. It is true that this country began with immigrants and immigration has been encouraged ever since. However, resources, jobs, and benefits are limited and that is why an immigration policy that is fair for immigrants and current citizens needs to be put in place.

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