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Internet Censorship Essay Example

Through an internet censorship, a user is prevented from viewing or creating specific web content. It is done by home users, schools, businesses and even governments. Content usually censored include material that deals with dangerous political views, terrorism, graphic violence and pornography that a government or a territory does not accept. While most censorship seeks to have users protected, for instance censoring of pornography and indecent content from children, other types of censorship could be malicious. Also, a number of ways are incorporated in blocking indecent content, with some successful than most.

An individual, school, business or government could have different reasons for internet censorship. Some nations block some websites and blogs displaying content illegal in that territory or country discussing illegal political views. Most companies block websites to make sure employees do not waste time doing unproductive things, such as online gaming sites, instant messaging and social networking. Students are blocked by schools from accessing some websites they could use to access corrupt content as well as waste valuable time, while children are protected from watching violent and pornographic content. A home user could use blocking tools to have a number of websites or sites in a specific category blocked from access.

A number of technical methods are incorporated in internet censorship, such as blocking a particular IP (Internet Protocol) address to have physical routers disconnected to make sure the material is not accessible. Packet filtering, domain name system filtering and blocking IPs are partial web restrictions since there is a good chance the users are able to use certain software to bypass the hindrance. Proxy servers are good examples of how online censorship is circumvented in a number of the partial filtering methods, while reducing the censorship value of the security tools. Full block works well by disconnecting routers to make sure no one within a specific region bypasses a specific block. Due to the efficacy of full-block, most governments use it.

In modern times, internet censorship has become a very controversial subject with the number of opponents and supporters almost at par. Supporters of the censorship hold the view that it protects people in different levels from harm and lethal content while preventing political chaos in a number of places. Supporters also insist on the importance of hindering pornographic and indecent graphics and videos from adults and children. Those who oppose the block argue it infringes on people’s right of free speech and access to information, and the government uses such a platform to prevent a segment of the citizenry from accessing crucial information leading to abuse of power.

Censorship is mostly motivated by good intentions of protecting innocent children from accessing dirty content and authoritarian efforts towards controlling a country from access of certain information. Whatever type of censor used, the result is always blocking WebPages considered undesirable.

It is worth noting internet censorship has never been a about governmental and parental control only. A number of tools in the consumer products market have censorship capabilities, blocking access to certain pages on the web.

Since not all take online censorship the same way, some people take companies and governments to court while others join civil societies in protests or engaging in clandestine methods of providing blocked information to certain individuals or countries.

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