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Best Master of Laws programs in Portugal

The first thing you should find out about when researching LLM degrees is which entry requirements you have to meet. Most Portuguese Law Schools will expect you to hold a first degree in a relevant subject, or qualifications and professional experience that prove your knowledge. Although a first degree in law is usually what is requested by universities, you may be able to enter the course with a different (recognized) degree from a higher education institution.

Study LL.M with Coimbra University’s Faculty of Law

Most countries see an LL.M. (postgraduate law degree) as the first stage in an academic career. You will find that the degree gives you the opportunity to specialize in a specific area or begin to undertake research in your chosen field. It can also become even more beneficial later on if you decide to obtain a law degree at doctoral level. Students that want to specialize in one specific area of law will choose this path at university. The majority of graduates that have completed this specialized training tend to qualify for roles in legal environments all over the world.
University programs are very affordable at Coimbra University and Portugal (as a whole country) boasts low costs of living. Coimbra used to be the capital of Portugal and is now known as the ‘student city’. The population is over 100,000 people and the university is the oldest institution in Europe. You will find that there is a multitude of different nationalities here, as this university attracts academics from a large number of countries looking to study lots of different courses.

Study LL.M with the University of Minho

The University of Minho is extremely proud of its LL.M programs. Students that complete their program here benefit from receiving a world-class degree that will be recognized and applauded by institutions all over the world. The degrees are international standard courses which achieve great recognition in Portugal, due to the fact that the school was selected as the most selective School of Law in the country based on the scores obtained by the most recent class that was entered. Foreign countries also rank the school highly, because of its advanced academic coursework and the amount of new research that has recently been carried out. The school has become reputable for its consistent publication of excellent academic articles, and frequently publishes academic journals that impress even the most experienced of lawyers. The university wants to extend these achievements on an international level, so it is now offering an international standard LL.M. programme in the English language on European and Transglobal Business Law. Other graduate programmes created by the school and its partners have been planned for the near future, so it is likely that they will be announced closer to applications being taken.

Study LL.M with the Católica Global School of Law

Students looking for a thorough and advanced programme in the international professional practice of Business Law now have the option of studying an LL.M. here. The school boasts that the program will be perfect for those that want to push themselves to enhance their abilities and knowledge in the area. Young associates trying to gain experience and additional opportunities on a global scale will also benefit. On this course, students will practise in an environment that allows them to specialize in certain areas of international law while increasing their overall knowledge.
The program is international and some of the faculty members come from prestigious American and European universities. Top lawyers from international law firms utilize interactive and engaging teaching methods to ensure that students learn quickly and with interest at every stage. LL.M. Católica has proven its success in bringing together some of the best academics and professionals from Europe and the United States. It has been said that the school offers one of the most respected programs on the continent.

The opportunities that come with being an LL.M. in Portugal

As well as the large number of academic opportunities, Portugal is an ideal country to live and study in due to its multitude of stunning beaches and cultural heritage sites. The weather is also unbeatable most of the year round. The cost of living is particularly low in the whole country, so students will find it much easier to survive on a tight budget than they would at home. If you are looking for a traditional and well-respected education, Portugal is one of the oldest educational centres on the Earth, meaning that it often plays host to other leading academic institutions on the continent. Many students comment that they really enjoyed the cultural experience they gained by learning a new language at the same time as studying an LL.M. program. Take advantage of all of the opportunities and you may even learn about the famous fado!

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