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The Essay On Pollution Your Teacher Won’t Forget

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Air Pollution – Causes And Effects

Pollution means introducing contaminants into the environment and adversely affecting it. Air is a necessity for almost all living organisms on Earth – humans, of course, included. Chemical substances that are released in Earth’s atmosphere have a negative impact on everything from plants and animals to human beings. We are affected both physically and physiologically by air pollution. It is my opinion that, without proper and swift remedies to air pollution, humankind is slowly drifting towards extinction.

The main culprit when it comes to pollution of the air is our heavy industry. Huge quantities of chemicals and CO2 are released into the atmosphere daily. Forests, oceans and other elements that filter our air are simply overwhelmed by our emissions. Consequently, the concentration of harmful elements in our air is steadily increasing every year. Another cause of pollution is motor vehicles. For example, vehicle exhaust pollutants have increased by 690% between 1900 and 1970 because of the increased use of motor vehicles. Major increases in air pollution have negatively influenced our health and our environment.

Thousands of people die every year from respiratory diseases caused directly by pollution. Millions are affected as well and their expected lifespan shortens considerably. Health problems caused by air pollution also diminish the quality of life. Plants and wildlife are also affected, with many species quickly becoming extinct.

Every one of us can take some simple steps to reduce air pollution. For example, you can use the car only when absolutely necessary. Being careful about where you dispose of your garbage is also a step towards a cleaner atmosphere. Recycling, avoiding plastic, and planting trees are also viable solutions.

If we continue to disregard the effects our industry, cars and habits are having on Earth’s atmosphere, the phrase “I’m going out for a breath of fresh air” will have less and less of a meaning. Is it really wise to pollute something you use 12-18 times every minute of your life?

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