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The Key To Captivating Racism Essays

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Effects Of Racism On Modern Society

Racism – we see it around us more often than we like to admit. When somebody is blaming migrants for the lack of jobs, it’s racism. According to many separate studies, black people in the United States are having a harder time finding jobs than white people. This is a form of racism as well. People of color are more likely to be targeted by police than white people. Police is also more likely to make use of force against people of color, as demonstrated by many studies in the United States.

But what causes racism? It’s all about human psychology. Humans have always feared things that were different and things that they did not understand. Since we began walking on this earth, we have made tremendous advances; however, the fear has never disappeared. For many, people of color represent something different.

Another cause of racism is poor upbringing; children are shaped by the opinions of their parents. A simple inaccurate (and racist) statement such as “All blacks are criminals” may have a great impact on the way a child perceives black people from that point onward.

Racism is present in all areas of employment. Members of racial and ethnic groups are shown to struggle more to get a high-paying job. Laws and regulations are designed to help racial minorities get equal and fair treatment. However, in reality, there are still many cases of racism each year in the U.S.

Members of racial minorities find it more difficult to find a good rent because landlords refuse them on racist motives. Blacks and Latinos are the most eloquent examples. Housing discrimination against people of color in the United States is a widespread problem. And one that is not so simple to resolve.

We are all different. People need to understand that the color of one’s skin does not make that person bad or unreliable. People should stop seeing a criminal in every black person. Mexicans are not here to “steal” Americans’ jobs. We are all equal and we should treat every human being as our equal. This is the only way racism will truly be stopped.

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