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Good Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Are Not Enough to Get a Top Grade

Writing a compare and contrast essay can be a nightmare if you don’t have previous experience with this kind of assignment. Yes, you need to explain the ways in which two things or ideas are similar – or different from – one another. It doesn’t sound very difficult, but most students are having trouble writing these papers every semester. In fact, our professional ENL writers and team of expert editors are helping hundreds of people write this type of essay every semester.

The good news is that our work almost invariably ends up receiving top grades from even the most severe teachers. is also the best source of compare and contrast essay topics for college students. We have years of experience in the field of academic writing and our authors definitely don’t lack ideas when it comes to academic papers.

An Extensive List of Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College

In fact, we have taken the time to put together a list of the best topics for you. We know the importance of a good talking point and we are all about helping students get the best grades possible. This list has some very interesting ideas that will make your next academic paper a success:

  • Compare poetry and prose.
  • Doing business in the United States versus doing business in China.
  • The differences between online education and face to face education.
  • Similarities between the Korean War and the Vietnam War.
  • The main differences between dictatorship and democracy.
  • Compare the New Testament with the Old Testament.
  • Compare the Aztec and the Maya civilizations.
  • Are there any similarities between Christopher Columbus and modern astronauts?
  • Compare the Allies and the Axis in the World War.
  • The similarities between gun control and homeless animals control. This is one of the sensitive compare and contrast essay topics.
  • Compare Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, but be careful how you word your opinion on this sensitive topic.
  • Compare dogs and wolves.

It Is Not As Simple As It Sounds

Writing a compare and contrast essay is definitely not as simple as it sounds. So many students are submitting their papers late because they underestimate the difficulty of writing this kind of academic paper. Even easy compare and contrast essay topics may require more than a week of work. Fortunately, our company is here to help.

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